Recent Happenings

I’ve been pretty busy with freelance graphic art work lately, and also working on some music to submit to a publishing service for film and TV music. Yesterday I finished a punk rock track called Big Machine that was written from scratch, recorded and mixed in three days. It’s influenced by The Sex Pistols and The Clash, two bands I loved as a teenager. I’ll post it here some time soon. As it was specifically written to suit a film music listing it’s not really representative of The Spiral Sequence, so I’ll post it in the new film soundtrack music section. In other news I’ve also been working on new music for another release for The Spiral Sequence, and also finishing some tracks for my other band, Sun LIke Blood. You can check out Sun Like Blood tracks at the Reverbnation page: – it’s been a long time coming with some of these Sun Like Blood tracks but we’re getting there slowly but surely!